Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This and That

It was a great weekend. I put the finishing touches on 4 quilts and got them off to the quilter. It is so nice to not have to step over mostly finished projects. Well, I suppose thats not completely true there are still 2 more quilts that I will finish this week and oh, maybe 8 more works in progress. Am I the only person who gets sidetracked, and is constantly starting something new? I didn't think so.

So how badly do I want to finish the 2 that I am almost done with.... maybe I could put the borders on this quilt instead.

Well it was a thought. temporary. fleeting. whew that desire is gone again.
I think I will fold it back up until inspiration strikes again.

I am going to complete the top of an original design instead. I just need the finishing touches on some applique work. I will share a picture in a couple days when it is all stitched down. If I am lucky the pattern packets will be done soon too.

Now because I believe in full disclosure, this next part only for the brave at heart.

I'm warning you...... it might be time to read the next blog.

Okay, but don't complain to me that there is Too Much Info now.

After picking up the kids, I finally got home tonight from an already long day of work, and notice there is a smell of poop in the car. Okay, maybe someone tooted... A little later I hear this.

KG: Alyss, you can't tell Mommy.
AJ: You can't stop me.
KG: No you can't. Stop Alyss.
AJ: Kaaaatelyyyyyn. [Comes to find me] Mommy, Katelyn pooped in her underwear.

So, I am mostly upset that she is hiding what she did from me. So I clean her up then make her wash the underpants in the toilet, clean up the floor and the side of the tub. I started the laundry, so why do I keep smelling poop. I make her wash her hands again. Still there. So I spray febreeze. better. Dinner, bath.... yuck it still smells. ARE YOU READY... she thought she could hide the evidence of her accident by throwing the poop in the trash. Eeewwww gross.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy 4th of September--a little late

Okay so it is a day late,
After all the party prep yesterday, meeting with Katelyn's teacher, taking Alyssa's picture, and decorating a cake I crashed early last night. I woke up this morning and after playing with the girls and Alyssa'a new doll, I headed to the computer to post a winner.
And I felt this tickling on my legs. I looked down & I was standing in a swarm of ants. They were all over the floor, I think they were after powdered sugar from making frosting yesterday, but it could also have been water, In-N-Out crumbs, or just the heat. Needless to say I have been busy, busy, busy! The kitchen table had to be moved outside, the floor mopped and believe it or not, even the inside of the dishwasher washed out because the ants were in there. I counted 4 trails of ants coming in from outside spreading out across the floor and going nowhere and everywhere. YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!

On a different note, have you checked out the newest Bunny Hill BOM it is the cutest block with a Scottie Dog and apples. I have learned how to get the block a few hours early (I'm not telling), so yesterday before my mom came over for the family birthday gathering I snuck into the craft room for a few minutes and made this adorable dog. And the fabric with the math is going to be my basket! I am going to be taking out one apple, and putting in a football! Honestly, I have to celebrate both the start of a school year and the football season. At least it's not a whole quilt this time right? I don't think I am obsessed...

Alyssa loved her Monkey Cake. It is not my best frosting job, but she was thrilled with it.
She also got a hide and seek monkey toy, a stuffed monkey, a monkey water bottle and a monkey puzzle. Do you sense a theme? So who won her prize with the monkey pattern-well, no one! Since no one really wanted it, I thought I would give a second place prize that everyone would be excited to get. But you have to wait, I need to introduce you to Lily first. Remember Rebecca modeling the selvage dress, Lily is also sporting an outfit I made.....

I think they're cute, and much faster than making the fabric with selvages then sewing them into clothes.

So who is winning the Mommy Prize Pack.... DianeH. And for reading the fine print in the blog, I am enclosing a cupcake just for you. Don't worry frosting won't get all over everything, this is a little pincushion.
And I opened up the 2nd place prize to everyone who posted a comment, and Lori Pierce wins the other cupcake. I hope that you will use it, I love having one by my sewing machine, and another the ironing board.

Have a great day, everyone.