Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Its' Christmas time

Thank you all for your kind thoughts on my ankle. It is still really tender to the touch, but I am no longer walking with a visible limp! And the swelling is almost imperceptible now. I think dancing my be out this weekend, thankfully, I doubt the company Christmas party has any dancing anyway. Last I heard we were playing games. Makes sense for a game manufacturing company.

If you are interested in what we are promoting as the hot new game of our line up, head over to Amazon and check out Telestrations. I have played it with friends and it is just as funny as the reviews make it sound. It is even funnier when playing with someone who can't draw--the results are hysterical. Plus I like that everyone is engaged the entire time. I hate waiting for my turn to play.

Assuming that you are done with your shopping and your house is decorated, you are way ahead of me! It is beginning to feel a little like Christmas... spending 40 hours a week at the office has kept me from decorating as I would in years past. I got a few boxes with the girls Christmas houses down from the attic before Thanksgiving, but I haven't gotten back into the attic since to get anything else down to start decorating.

Thankfully, when I went up there last month I got down my Christmas quilts I made over the last 2 or 3 Christmases. This one is a Santa that is very loosely based off a pattern that my mom and I converted so that we could strip piece 5 of them at the same time. That is 5 for her and 5 for me. So we spent a couple of days, and pieced and quilted 10 of these Santas. I have since given the other 4 away, but it is nice to have one to remember the fun of getting togerther.

The tree is batiks knotted onto a flat dowel tucked into a pocket with a star velcroed on top.
We added yarn hair, belt buckles, and a 3 dimensional beard to give him more personality.

This next one is another mini quilt. It is 9" square to rest in my little mini quilt frame. I have a Christmas Star/Poinsettia that I designed that I have put in there for the past several years, but last year I decided I wanted a quilt to soften up the display of Nativity Scenes that I put out each year so I shrunk and tweaked a pattern to make it fit in the little square.

And finally the last quilt I want to share is one I just finished... with the intention of giving it away. I joined the Pay it Forward challenge in May and have just given the first quilt to a new home. This one is going to my friend Sarah. God has blessed her with 4 kids–3 of them boys. So I wanted to make her something soothing, that she wouldn't feel obligated to keep out since her home is small and I didn't want her to feel overwhelmed with more things within. It is so much fun making something for someone else because with every stitch you think of that person and how much you care for them. Her daughter and my eldest are "best friends" so it was truly a blessing that she signed up for my challenge.

For this quilt I followed a tutorial on Moda Bakeshop. If you aren't a regular visitor, then you are truly missing out. They have all sorts of ways to use the precuts of fabric that are so popular now.
This pattern was originally to be used with a layer cake (10" squares), but I fudged the recipe, and used a charm pack instead. The piece were very tiny, but I love to create little masterpieces.
This quilt finished at about 2 foot square, perfect for a table topper or a small wall.

I am still looking for 2 more participants in my pay it forward challenge if you want to participate, sign up in the comments, you just have to commit to making something handmade for 3 others within 6 months or a year.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Couch Potato

I had so many things to do yesterday, I left the house early to to attend a card making class. I went with my mom and we had lots of fun, then dashed away to go Christmas shopping at one store before she had to go to an afternoon Christmas party up in Pasadena. I stayed longer to finish my shopping. I got so many gifts, and as I was leaving the store I found one more and had to go back to the counter to buy another.

So thinking of my excellent purchases, and thinking ahead to my final stop, and digging for my car keys... I forgot to look where I was walking. I saw the curb in my peripheral vision. But I missed it. I badly twisted my ankle, clutching desperately to the car next to me, I tried to regain my balance, only to find out the car was occupied by a young woman. Who thankfully was more concerned about me, than the fact that I could not let go of her car. Finally, I was able to hobble to my car, and since it is my left leg, I could skip every other errand and drive myself home.

I spent most of the afternoon resting on the couch and slowly puttering around the house, but the worst came when I had to go out last night. By the time we got home my ankle was the the size of half a tennis ball, and my pain threshhold had already been maxed out by an hour, and I could do nothing but collapse on the couch. AND my darling husband adamantly refused to give me more that the tablets specified on the motrin bottle for the pain--ONE! He finally, gave in a let me take a second one, thankfully. Today I can hobble around again, but I will once again be spending the day mostly on the couch.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Catching Up!

Today I wanted to share two of the Bunny Hill BOM blocks I have been working on. I got frustrated in June when there was a second basket of flowers so I skipped that month. Then I got distracted applying for a job and starting back to work so I ended up getting farther and farther behind. This month I have made great strides to finish September and November. I still need to add the embroidery details, but I am really pleased with how these look and I am ready to go back and prep the other missing months.

The top block is mine and still needs to have all of the little details... The bottom one is my mom's, she "stole" my football idea, but I think it is fair because I am going to put the little apple in the title School Days on mine.

It picked the fabrics for this month to coordinate with the fussy-cut squirrel's tail. This may be my favorite block of all I love how soft it is. I still need to stitch down the crow and add feet, but that will happen during the Charger game tomorrow. What do you think of the green leaf? Would it look better in a fall color --yellow, red?? I think I may make a couple of more leaves and test them out before I stitch this one down.

More to share tomorrow,

Friday, November 20, 2009


It has been over a month since I last sat down to post on my blog. I would love to say that I have been busy sewing, but that is only partly true. I have spent more time reading. Good books, bad books, audiobooks, books that can only be read online... you get the idea. So in the interest of weaning myself off of the computer when I get home from work, I decided that I can't read anymore online books for a while. Hmmm, so why am I in front of the computer again.

BECAUSE, I have been quilting, and I have been waiting to finish this quilt completely before posting. But I am nervous, and have put off for 3 weeks putting the binding on the quilt. I am the worst at putting the binding on quilts. I get beautiful crisp corners everytime so that is not the problem, but the sides are always wavy. Somehow or another after I attach the binding to the front when I go to sew it down in the back I stretch the quilt. I try so hard to not pull, but invariably it always happens. So when I got my Christmas quilt back from Amy and I took 2 weeks sewing on buttons and beads to enhance it. I probably could have finished it in a couple of nights, but I was procrastinating on the binding.

I stitched beads onto the centers of all the poinsettias.

Aren't the buttons cute? Some came in a button pack, others I have collected knowing that some day I would get the quilt finished.

I have had the binding cut for a week.... But I have yet to bind the quilt to hang it up. I have spent so long on this quilt I don't want to wreck it. However, this weekend, I am going to put the binding on. I want to have it hanging in the house right after thanksgiving. So in honor of the fact that for now at least the quilt is amazingly perfect, I am posting pictures of my 3 year labor of love.

As penance for not updating regularly, and because I have so many other things to share, I am going to be posting each day this week the other projects I have already finished or completing. I am planning on posting something new each night, so check back regularly for some other inspiration.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night...

I have been so blessed this last week. I have gotten 3 packages. YES, the mailman had to come to my door 3 times! The first one to arrive came from Norway.

I participated in my first ever swap through quilting gallery, and the participant who shipped to me lives in Norway. NORWAY! Sabine took the time to look through my blog and design a bag especially for me. Look at those lovely cherries, with the adorable red polka dot fabric on the bottom. Plus as if that wasn't enough, I got a blue and white potholder with dutch windmills on it, and little treasures like cupcake buttons (did she see my pincushions?), magnets, ribbon, and a little snowman panel perfect to adding to a Christmas quilt. Thank you so much Sabine. I treasure everything that you have sent me.

The next package came from Janet of It’s and Evolution. Her beautiful wands were featured on Today’s Creative Blog for one of her Fabulous Friday giveaways and I won. Since I almost never win anything, I was so excited because Janet was willing to design a wand especially for the lucky winner. I fell in love with her pumpkin wands and chose one of those, but told her I rarely ever use orange so look what I got. I love to think of it as Cinderella's Wand because I feel like a princess whenever I see it--with this adorable white pumpkin.

The charms on it are all sewing related, and the handle of the wand is wrapped in the page from a book.---But not any book, in keeping with the theme of Halloween, the page is from Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.” I immediately had to find a clear vase and put it on display, so that the page of the book was visible.

The last box came from my MIL who blessed me with many of her gently used clothes. After having spent 6 years at home raising my kids my wardrobe has been stretched to the limit to get me nicely dressed for work. Honestly, if I had my druthers I would wear jeans and a nice white shirt every day. Those are my comfort clothes, but I try to limit myself. Thankfully, I still get to wear jeans to the office! But I digress, my MIL love to shop at Chico's and Coldwater Creek--places I go in and drool over the clothes, but walk away without a shopping bag so it is always a treat getting these boxes in the mail.

I got one other present a couple of weeks ago, but it didn't come in the mail. This one was special delivery from my mom. A Cricut die cutting machine of my very own.

I think that scrapbooking could become every bit as addicting as quilting. It is so much fun to cut out embellishments for making cards. Or do something really elaborate and make my very own Charger cheerleaders. Hmm--maybe I could get the team a new coach the same way.

That's all for now.
Have a great day everyone,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

PIE--apple, cherry, blackbery any kind of pie

Besides quilting, I love to cook.

Well, the term love might be a little strong. Now if there were never any dishes to do at the end... But, since I like to eat good food, cooking is kinda a prerequisite---and I might as well do it right, so I make a lot of stuff from scratch.

While at work today, I was looking up some stuff on the internet and while on a different website, I found a fun link which I clicked on, and then I clicked to another, which eventually brought me here: Single Serving Pie in a Jar

Is this not the best idea ever!! I have tons of canning jars. Most of them normal sized, some extra tall (that I have baked bread in), but some are EXACTLY the right size for individual pies. I can see the possibilities already.

Doesn't your mouth water? Mine does. I love the cooler fall weather when baking becomes a treat. And these would be sweet gifts for people. Hmmm, I may need to go grocery shopping tonight.


Sunday, October 4, 2009


I love Sundays in the fall. Cool weather, football, and time to sew.

After we got home from church, I turned on the Denver game in my craft room. With the hot iron warming up the room and the girls napping, life was lovely. Inspiration hit me this week, and finally I know whaat I am going to do on the triangular corners for my red, black and green quilt.

So today I started cutting strips and sewing them together.

Then I cut them apart again.

And I have started sewing them back together.

And finally, I will trim them down to size.

I think they are so cute.

I still don't know how many I will need to frame the large black triangles, but it is nice just hearing the whirring of a sewing machine again. I have about a dozen finished so far, and can't wait for the end of the Charger game, when the girls will go to bed, to make about 30 or so more.

Yesterday, we had family pictures taken by a friend, Shari, who is and excellent photographer. We dressed the whole family in tones of pink and green, I hope the pictures turn out as well as I think they did. I took one shot of the girls just to show off their cute outfits.

If they look that cute with my old camera, I can't wait to see the pictures from Shari.

Have a great day

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This and That

It was a great weekend. I put the finishing touches on 4 quilts and got them off to the quilter. It is so nice to not have to step over mostly finished projects. Well, I suppose thats not completely true there are still 2 more quilts that I will finish this week and oh, maybe 8 more works in progress. Am I the only person who gets sidetracked, and is constantly starting something new? I didn't think so.

So how badly do I want to finish the 2 that I am almost done with.... maybe I could put the borders on this quilt instead.

Well it was a thought. temporary. fleeting. whew that desire is gone again.
I think I will fold it back up until inspiration strikes again.

I am going to complete the top of an original design instead. I just need the finishing touches on some applique work. I will share a picture in a couple days when it is all stitched down. If I am lucky the pattern packets will be done soon too.

Now because I believe in full disclosure, this next part only for the brave at heart.

I'm warning you...... it might be time to read the next blog.

Okay, but don't complain to me that there is Too Much Info now.

After picking up the kids, I finally got home tonight from an already long day of work, and notice there is a smell of poop in the car. Okay, maybe someone tooted... A little later I hear this.

KG: Alyss, you can't tell Mommy.
AJ: You can't stop me.
KG: No you can't. Stop Alyss.
AJ: Kaaaatelyyyyyn. [Comes to find me] Mommy, Katelyn pooped in her underwear.

So, I am mostly upset that she is hiding what she did from me. So I clean her up then make her wash the underpants in the toilet, clean up the floor and the side of the tub. I started the laundry, so why do I keep smelling poop. I make her wash her hands again. Still there. So I spray febreeze. better. Dinner, bath.... yuck it still smells. ARE YOU READY... she thought she could hide the evidence of her accident by throwing the poop in the trash. Eeewwww gross.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy 4th of September--a little late

Okay so it is a day late,
After all the party prep yesterday, meeting with Katelyn's teacher, taking Alyssa's picture, and decorating a cake I crashed early last night. I woke up this morning and after playing with the girls and Alyssa'a new doll, I headed to the computer to post a winner.
And I felt this tickling on my legs. I looked down & I was standing in a swarm of ants. They were all over the floor, I think they were after powdered sugar from making frosting yesterday, but it could also have been water, In-N-Out crumbs, or just the heat. Needless to say I have been busy, busy, busy! The kitchen table had to be moved outside, the floor mopped and believe it or not, even the inside of the dishwasher washed out because the ants were in there. I counted 4 trails of ants coming in from outside spreading out across the floor and going nowhere and everywhere. YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!

On a different note, have you checked out the newest Bunny Hill BOM it is the cutest block with a Scottie Dog and apples. I have learned how to get the block a few hours early (I'm not telling), so yesterday before my mom came over for the family birthday gathering I snuck into the craft room for a few minutes and made this adorable dog. And the fabric with the math is going to be my basket! I am going to be taking out one apple, and putting in a football! Honestly, I have to celebrate both the start of a school year and the football season. At least it's not a whole quilt this time right? I don't think I am obsessed...

Alyssa loved her Monkey Cake. It is not my best frosting job, but she was thrilled with it.
She also got a hide and seek monkey toy, a stuffed monkey, a monkey water bottle and a monkey puzzle. Do you sense a theme? So who won her prize with the monkey pattern-well, no one! Since no one really wanted it, I thought I would give a second place prize that everyone would be excited to get. But you have to wait, I need to introduce you to Lily first. Remember Rebecca modeling the selvage dress, Lily is also sporting an outfit I made.....

I think they're cute, and much faster than making the fabric with selvages then sewing them into clothes.

So who is winning the Mommy Prize Pack.... DianeH. And for reading the fine print in the blog, I am enclosing a cupcake just for you. Don't worry frosting won't get all over everything, this is a little pincushion.
And I opened up the 2nd place prize to everyone who posted a comment, and Lori Pierce wins the other cupcake. I hope that you will use it, I love having one by my sewing machine, and another the ironing board.

Have a great day, everyone.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Happy Birthday to Me, A GIVEAWAY!

It's my birthday, and you get the presents!!

I am having my first giveaway. I am really excited I have entered many giveaways, won once, and now not one but two lucky people will get to have something from me.

Since I am starting this giveaway on my birthday, I have decided to end it 8 days from now on my daughter Alyssa's birthday, Sept 4th. So you can choose which prize pack you want or become a follower of my blog, and I will automatically enter you in both. So what can you win?

The Mommy Prize Pack
One book of elegant Christmas gift to make
Two "The Quilters Magazines"
Three coordinating fabrics
and just because a spool of thread


The Little Girl Prize Pack

One Book "Copy Cats Quilts"
One Pattern "Monkey Business"

In addition to giving away two prizes,
Remember I’m going to give you two chances to win.

First just leave me a comment to enter.
I’d like to hear which prize pack you prefer and a favorite birthday memory.

If you would like a second chance to win,
just become a public follower. I know that many of you follow anonymously, but change your view to public, and you get into both drawings.

Fine Print: if you look through the old posts, and tell me when I finished my Christmas quilt, I will add a little hand made goody to either prize pack.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have come to a realization. I have just enough energy each day to do any 2 of the following:

1. Work 9 hrs a day, plus make the 20 minute commute each direction.
2. Be a mommy to my two girls who miss me terribly.
3. Spend some alone time being creative in the craft room.
4. Blog.

Well, since number 1 is mandatory. And the girls are clamoring for my attention, 3 and 4 on the list have been... well neglected.

But, I am pleased to say I have forced myself to once again
get out my scissors and rotary cutters
and I am have a little bit of fun designing and sewing.

The Be Creative Quilt I started as soon as I got home from
the Long Beach quilt show is coming along nicely.

I am stitching down the first panel, and although I am not usually a brights person, I love the vibrant colors. I chose to put a pink quilt on the line to remind me that one day I hope to have matching bedspreads in the girls rooms. Of course with this new schedule I may need to (gasp) buy them.

I am also entertaining layouts for a quilt depicting my other obsession in life. Football. Not just generic football, but I am a diehard San Diego Chargers fan. I started this quilt last year during the preseason, and got so mad at their dismal performance of the year that I just put it away.

When I brought it back out again this month to celebrate the start of another football season, I was disappointed with the layout I had planned. So although I am trying to keep all of the hard work I have already done on the blocks. I would love some input on the layout.

Also although it is hard to hard to see them at a distance,
the black diamonds are football chalkboard sketches.

Version 1: Get rid of the clutter by just keeping the jerseys and grass squares and still incorporate all the blocks into one quilt. (All of the blue squares will be jerseys)

Version 2: The generic football quilt. I would just have blacks and whites with the football chalkboard fabric. The blue and gold would only come from the subtle colors in the whites although I could buy a blue to replace the solid black.

Version 3: Only show the blocks that have the true Chargers feel and turn them into a stand alone quilt. The biggest flaw in this one is that I do not have nearly enough of these blocks. Plus, even though fusing the applique on is quick, I have been doing a tight zig zag stitch all the way around each jersey number & field number so that it looks really cool taking lots of time. Plus I can't get more football fabric, so it may put the finish closer to a 2010 season instead of this year.

Do you like any of the layouts? Or should I start playing with them again?
Thanks for the help,

Monday, August 3, 2009

Well, I started back to the daily grind. it was so quiet at my office today I could hardly get any work done. I missed the kids' voices, but I also was tucked away in a corner, and rarely heard other adult voices. The only bright spot in my cubicle is the arrangement of flowers that my mom delivered to me this morning.

Thanks Mom, they really made my day.

A few of the people I knew from working at the company before came by to say hi, others I knew said hello in the hallway. But for the most part my transition to working woman went unnoticed. If it hadn't been for the I.T. guy, I would never have gotten a tour, my payroll handled and figured out how to use the voicemail system. My direct supervisors spent most of the day leaving me to my own devices. Thankfully, I am self motivated or I would have nothing to show for my 9 hours of work.

In short, I wish it was still last Monday when I took the girls to the San Diego Zoo for the day. Hopefully Alyssa first day at preschool will go better tomorrow!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a little inspiration

Since my last post was so heart wrenching, I thought that I better keep it light this time. Are you ready for some quilts from the Long Beach quilt show?

First though I have to say that I met Lizzie B.

They had the best booth, it was bright and colorful and completely over-the-top, I could have spent all day there! I bought a pattern from them "Be Creative" and I am already working away on it. It will be a great addition to my new cubicle so that I don't have to stare at boring walls all day. Plus, since I will be in the creative dept. how much better could it be!

Also in her booth was Mary from Marin & Colusa. My mom has known her for years, and she is one of my very few followers!! It was great to get to see her demoing her new stitching lines. If you do a lot of half square triangles check them out... oh, don't forget to look at her patterns too.

The quilts were a little too improve and not enough piecing skills for my tastes, but the following quilts grabbed me enough to photo, so get a cup of cocoa, and sit back for your virtual quilt show.