Monday, February 1, 2010

The New Room

I am so excited about the newest addition to my craft room. When my hubby and I first went shopping for furniture for the room I expected a to have to take out a second morgage on the home to do what I wanted to. But I love my new table, and best of all-- so far the remodel has cost $115.

This is my new table, one of the one of those ultra trendy dining room tables that is a comfortable standing height. When we were shopping for a cabinet for the new big screen TV, we found this in the clearance section for $100. I will eventually get 2 backless barstools so that I can sit and work, and have a friend over to create also. Or a more likely scenario is both the girls can sit while I stand. And the table is so big if (when?) I loose the remote, I won't be able to turn on the TV anymore!

On the other side of the room is my new sewing space. Can you tell my design wall is exploding beyond the borders of the frame! I am hoping the new room will inspire me to finish some of these projects. A few of them are original patterns I need to finish so that mom and I can get them published, and I haven't made the time.

I also wanted to share the sweetest little boy quilts that I am working on. Both a cousin, and a friend from work are expecting boys, so I spent time this weekend working on quilts for both of them. I had the worst time picking out fabrics, but after an hour in my LQS I love what I came home with. The colors and style are exactly what I wanted.

That elusive quality of sophisticated and juvenile, romantic and boyish. The fabrics blend so well, it is hard to tell that there are really 4 different blues in this quilt from multiple fabric lines. This is another original pattern. Or I should correctly say this is an adaptation of an original pattern. I can't even follow my own patterns without adapting them to my current mood!

I chose to back the quilt with a soft microfiber? fabric. I wanted minki, but I was overwhelmed by how much I was already spending on fabric, and chose not to get it at the time. But, of course every LQS near me that sells minki was closed when I got off work tonight so I ended up at Babies-R-Us and found an appropriate soft backing that I could put on the one that gets delivered on Wed. The second quilt for my cousin I will probably go back to the LQS and get the minki I really want.

Have a great day,