Saturday, November 21, 2009

Catching Up!

Today I wanted to share two of the Bunny Hill BOM blocks I have been working on. I got frustrated in June when there was a second basket of flowers so I skipped that month. Then I got distracted applying for a job and starting back to work so I ended up getting farther and farther behind. This month I have made great strides to finish September and November. I still need to add the embroidery details, but I am really pleased with how these look and I am ready to go back and prep the other missing months.

The top block is mine and still needs to have all of the little details... The bottom one is my mom's, she "stole" my football idea, but I think it is fair because I am going to put the little apple in the title School Days on mine.

It picked the fabrics for this month to coordinate with the fussy-cut squirrel's tail. This may be my favorite block of all I love how soft it is. I still need to stitch down the crow and add feet, but that will happen during the Charger game tomorrow. What do you think of the green leaf? Would it look better in a fall color --yellow, red?? I think I may make a couple of more leaves and test them out before I stitch this one down.

More to share tomorrow,

Friday, November 20, 2009


It has been over a month since I last sat down to post on my blog. I would love to say that I have been busy sewing, but that is only partly true. I have spent more time reading. Good books, bad books, audiobooks, books that can only be read online... you get the idea. So in the interest of weaning myself off of the computer when I get home from work, I decided that I can't read anymore online books for a while. Hmmm, so why am I in front of the computer again.

BECAUSE, I have been quilting, and I have been waiting to finish this quilt completely before posting. But I am nervous, and have put off for 3 weeks putting the binding on the quilt. I am the worst at putting the binding on quilts. I get beautiful crisp corners everytime so that is not the problem, but the sides are always wavy. Somehow or another after I attach the binding to the front when I go to sew it down in the back I stretch the quilt. I try so hard to not pull, but invariably it always happens. So when I got my Christmas quilt back from Amy and I took 2 weeks sewing on buttons and beads to enhance it. I probably could have finished it in a couple of nights, but I was procrastinating on the binding.

I stitched beads onto the centers of all the poinsettias.

Aren't the buttons cute? Some came in a button pack, others I have collected knowing that some day I would get the quilt finished.

I have had the binding cut for a week.... But I have yet to bind the quilt to hang it up. I have spent so long on this quilt I don't want to wreck it. However, this weekend, I am going to put the binding on. I want to have it hanging in the house right after thanksgiving. So in honor of the fact that for now at least the quilt is amazingly perfect, I am posting pictures of my 3 year labor of love.

As penance for not updating regularly, and because I have so many other things to share, I am going to be posting each day this week the other projects I have already finished or completing. I am planning on posting something new each night, so check back regularly for some other inspiration.