Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Life has been happening fast around here. Although I thought I was beat after supervising the 33 kindergartners on a field trip. That was a cakewalk compared to life since. So here is my life in a nutshell. (Granted it needs to be a really big nutshell.)

Let me preface everything by saying, I forgot my camera on fieldtrip day. Life would have been much simpler if I hadn't left my camera connected to the computer that Thursday morning. Halfway through the fieldtrip one of the other moms, Cindy, made a comment to me that in her other daughters class a mom collects photos from all the parents and puts together a DVD of the highlights of the school year. Me, without a camera, thinks "hey, what a great way to get pictures of today to put on my blog." So these words come out of my mouth,"I could easily do that for everyone if people give me a CD of their pictures."

WHAT!! Did I just volunteer to get people to give me their photos (Oh, the follow through), organize the photos (I don't even scrapbook), and then put together a DVD (only my second one ever)! And I was going away on the applique retreat in a week with less than 2 weeks left of school. Sure no problem!

To add to my stress, at this time Jason's hours at his job were cut forcing us to have a 20% cut in pay, so I applied for my first full-time job in 6 years! Thankfully, it is at USAopoly the company I worked for before "retiring" to be a SAHM. I had the job interview on Monday, and still no word. But back to my story.

So while staying up til midnight most nights for the next week to try and finish the piecing for the 6 quilt tops for the 3 new patterns mom & I hope to release, I had in the back of my mind this little DVD project. Wednesday morning I mentioned to Cindy that not many parents had given me pictures and I might not have a very well rounded movie since i would be gone for the next two days. Well leave it to the next Sarah Palin to organize the parents at the school. Honest if you have a project that needs to be done don't ask me, ask Cindy. By the time I dropped off Katelyn at school last Monday morning, Cindy had collected 3 disks, one flash drive, got 2 parents emailing me photos and one more set was dropped off to my house that night. In 2 days she got 7 parents to get their photos to me when I got 2 in a whole week!

I was so busy last Monday I didn't have time to look at the disks until that evening. Here is a little taste of my day. I helped in the classroom in the morning, fed my girls lunch, got KG's hair in a bun for her final dance rehersal, got a phone call from USAopoly about the interview time, got all distracted with horrid butterflies in the tummy and left the costume at home, finally got K to the theater, had ice cream with AJ, went to the quilt shop for applique thread, picked up K who was 1/2 an hour late getting out, dashed home dropped off the kids, went to my book club meeting where Marie Botswick actually called us. AND finally came home at 8:30 to start the DVD. Really, how am I supposed to fit a 9-5 job into that schedule. Thus, began week 2 of being up till midnight to get stuff done. Thankfully, the DVD turned out great, school is out for summer, and KG's dance recital was beautiful. I am hoping to finally start slowing down and enjoying life again.

I was going to add pictures of the retreat also, but I think I will wait til tomorrow. Since I refuse to leave the house for anything, I am hoping I will have time to post them early. Well, at least before midnight. I thought I would leave you with this last picture of Katelyn and her "boyfriend".


Lori Pierce said...
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Lori Pierce said...

I'm excited to see the updates. Love the pictures of the girls. And look forward to seeing the projects from your retreat soon. I hope you get the job, since I know you want it (mostly), but it will take some changes, won't it? I'm busy packing today--just stopped for some lunch--and getting ready to go. I'm looking forward to seeing you Monday!

June 25, 2009 1:07 PM