Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Couch Potato

I had so many things to do yesterday, I left the house early to to attend a card making class. I went with my mom and we had lots of fun, then dashed away to go Christmas shopping at one store before she had to go to an afternoon Christmas party up in Pasadena. I stayed longer to finish my shopping. I got so many gifts, and as I was leaving the store I found one more and had to go back to the counter to buy another.

So thinking of my excellent purchases, and thinking ahead to my final stop, and digging for my car keys... I forgot to look where I was walking. I saw the curb in my peripheral vision. But I missed it. I badly twisted my ankle, clutching desperately to the car next to me, I tried to regain my balance, only to find out the car was occupied by a young woman. Who thankfully was more concerned about me, than the fact that I could not let go of her car. Finally, I was able to hobble to my car, and since it is my left leg, I could skip every other errand and drive myself home.

I spent most of the afternoon resting on the couch and slowly puttering around the house, but the worst came when I had to go out last night. By the time we got home my ankle was the the size of half a tennis ball, and my pain threshhold had already been maxed out by an hour, and I could do nothing but collapse on the couch. AND my darling husband adamantly refused to give me more that the tablets specified on the motrin bottle for the pain--ONE! He finally, gave in a let me take a second one, thankfully. Today I can hobble around again, but I will once again be spending the day mostly on the couch.



Sarah said...

I am so sorry Kami, :(

Danielle said...

Oh, I hope it feels better soon!

Leah said...

One?! I always take 3! Anything less does NOTHING for me. Something with my system, because they have to give me extra novacain at the dentist, too, or it wears off. Believe me, the "max" dose they put on a Motrin/Tylenol-type bottle is waaay less than what would be dangerous. It's not like it's Percaset or whatever. It's even fine to breastfeed on 600mg of Motrin, because that's what they give you after you give birth (I even double-checked w/my lactation consultant). Take more & feel better! :)

Mary said...

So sorry for your fall. I once did that while leaving the eye doctor. I didn't put my contacts back in. Just put on my dreaded bifocals. Fell flat on my knees at the curb. Boy did this old lady feel silly.

Anonymous said...

OMG - OW-EEE. Did Kg and Aj take care of you? Lots of hugs and cuddles?

Lori Pierce said...

Sorry to hear this! If it makes you feel better, I fell twice yesterday while trying to deal with Aspen in the snow. Luckily, I didn't get hurt, but I can sympathize. Hope you fet over this quickly.