Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Makeover time!

I have been avoiding my craft room. It is hard to feel inspired when there are no clean surfaces on the tables, OR FLOORS! I spent 4 hours in there on Sat. and the room still qualifies as a landfill. Part of this is not my fault. (But, I am usually the one who just gives up and drops things in there to deal with later, thinking at least I can close the mess behind a door!)

My husband and I have spent the last 2 weeks redecorating the girls bedroom. Hmm, things needed to move out of there so we could paint, okay. Then after the furniture was rearranged, well we could finally move the desk which I used for scrapbooking into the girls room (it has been destined for there for years). Which meant I had to empty it. Uh oh, can you see where this is heading? Then the girls wanted their small table and chairs from the craft room back in their own room for tea parties with their dolls. Okay, but now what to do with their crayons, glues, stamps stickers... On top of all this, I volunteered to make some pillows for my office. All those supplies including big pillow forms are in there. Plus any quilts that I may have once upon a long long time ago been working on for me.

My solution is to walk in. Look around. Quickly shut the door again. And dream of little elves coming in while I sleep. So far it hasn't worked. So my question to you is now with 2 big pieces of furniture gone, and a desperate need for storage, what would you suggest for my craft room makeover?

I have considered a couple of kitchen cabinets, like these, with a workbench style table on top, (I thought I could make myself another desk, AND have more storage).

And/Or lots of wall shelves, for magazines, books, buttons....
hmm, but I have a lot of stuff, I might need baskets too.
How about a glass enclosed bookcase so that I could store fabric safely?
and it would be inspirational too.

Unfortunately, I really am not sure where to start and I am overwhelmed by the possibilities.
So back to my original question. What I would love to know from you is...

What do you love about the space you create in?

What can you not live without?

And what do you wish you could have?

Thanks for helping me get inspired

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Lori Pierce said...

Have I ever showed you pics of my craft space? I claimed the basement for my own about 6 months ago. If not, I'll have to take some pictures for you. I understand what you mean because mine still has Christmas clutter piled up waiting to be put away. My favorite features: 1. I put tables and bins and bookcases against the walls to hold materials, my Cricut, and my sewing machine, but then I also put a desk smack dab in the middle of the floor that has no drawers, no storages, so it is purely a work space and ideally it's cleaned up between each project. And when I have a friend over to work with me, I can put a chair on either side. 2. I went to a bedroom furniture store and bought a pretty armoire that has been perfect. On one side, it has drawers and on the other side it has shelves and a space designed for a TV with a door that closes over it. This way, all my little materials are shut away, organized in drawers, and then in the part that's supposed to be for a TV, I put a CD case organizer (I use the CD cases to hold my clear rubber stamps), a fishing tackle box (great for holding all the little embellishments and things you pick up) and my Cricut cartridge collection. It's the only new piece of furniture in the room--the rest is all handoffs and spares, but it's so great to have a space that's mine. Unfortunately, I have already had to add some plastic storage drawers to hold my expanding collection, so I need to start limiting my collecting...