Saturday, March 20, 2010

National Quilting Day

Well, since it is National quilting Day, I thought it would be a great time to update my blog. I am sorry that I have been neglectful. I have thought of each of you daily, and kept meaning to share my progress on all my projects, but after I finally got my evening sewing done, I chose to immediately drift off to sleep instead of sharing what I have been creating. I promise to post more often, but will probably write a little less.

Here are some tips for Celebrating National Quilting Day

  1. Step1

    To celebrate this age-old tradition of quilting, piece and quilt one quilt square. The quilt square could be made into a pillow, wall hanging, or added to other squares later on to make a complete quilt.

  2. Step2

    Make National Quilting Day a special event. Gather your friends together to sew or hand quilt with you. Ask each friend to bring a finished project to share with the group.

  3. Step3

    Consider combining all of the quilt blocks completed on that day into one quilt. Once the quilt was quilted and the binding completed, the quilt could be donated to a worthy cause.

  4. Step4

    Visit quilt shops. Make the day a "quilt shop hop" all your own. Take a few friends along and make a day of it. Stop for lunch and then get lost in the next quilt shop!

  5. Step5

    Sign up for a quilting class. Regardless if you are a beginner or an expert, there are quilting classes available. Take the day to learn a new technique.

  6. Step6

    Wrap yourself up in your favorite quilt and watch a movie on National Quilting Day. This is a great way to celebrate if you're not a quilter. There's nothing like being wrapped up in a beautiful, cozy quilt.


    I celebrated today by teaching the second part of a two part class. I only had 3 students, but they were all enthusiastic and ready to learn. Well, until we started paper piecing... then I mostly heard grumbling and slightly veiled comments that there needed to be an easier way. Thankfully, before I left, the ladies seemed to have a better grip on the paper piecing and were prepared to complete their quilts at home.

    Here is a picture of their quilts in progress. I forgot to take a picture of the ladies with their quilts, but I thought that they made great fabric choices. The one on the right, was photographed on a table instead of the design wall, causing the proportions to look a little bit strange.

    Also, I thought that today might be a great day to say a very long overdue thank you to Mary on Lake Pulaski. I was one of the recipients of her Pay It Forward Challenge. She made a beautiful table runner for each of us. I couldn't bear to put it away after Valentine's Day, But with the start of spring tomorrow it is time to decorate for Easter, and this will get lovingly stored away with some of my other quilts. Thank you so much Mary! Did I mention one of my favorite parts is the binding? I love all the fabrics being repeated around the edge.

    And because it is only 9pm, If I am lucky I will have just enough energy left tonight to sew a little something for me. I have been following the quilt-a-long hosted by Rachel at p.s. i quilt, and since it is Saturday, I am itching to make my next set of pinwheels. I love this week's block it is the most visually complex which usually increases my readiness to work on a project, but I think what I love the most these blocks is the simplicity. I can usually finish both color variations in a couple of hours, and that is with both the girls hanging around.

    I hope you got a chance to sew something. Leave me a comment and tell me about it. And if you want to enter a giveaway head over to Spun Sugar, and try and win a layer cake.



Vickie E said...

thanks for blogging my giveaway! I am really intrigued by the eiffel tower quilt blocks..the applique on pieced background is always visually appealing.

Lori Pierce said...

Your projects are looking good.