Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have come to a realization. I have just enough energy each day to do any 2 of the following:

1. Work 9 hrs a day, plus make the 20 minute commute each direction.
2. Be a mommy to my two girls who miss me terribly.
3. Spend some alone time being creative in the craft room.
4. Blog.

Well, since number 1 is mandatory. And the girls are clamoring for my attention, 3 and 4 on the list have been... well neglected.

But, I am pleased to say I have forced myself to once again
get out my scissors and rotary cutters
and I am have a little bit of fun designing and sewing.

The Be Creative Quilt I started as soon as I got home from
the Long Beach quilt show is coming along nicely.

I am stitching down the first panel, and although I am not usually a brights person, I love the vibrant colors. I chose to put a pink quilt on the line to remind me that one day I hope to have matching bedspreads in the girls rooms. Of course with this new schedule I may need to (gasp) buy them.

I am also entertaining layouts for a quilt depicting my other obsession in life. Football. Not just generic football, but I am a diehard San Diego Chargers fan. I started this quilt last year during the preseason, and got so mad at their dismal performance of the year that I just put it away.

When I brought it back out again this month to celebrate the start of another football season, I was disappointed with the layout I had planned. So although I am trying to keep all of the hard work I have already done on the blocks. I would love some input on the layout.

Also although it is hard to hard to see them at a distance,
the black diamonds are football chalkboard sketches.

Version 1: Get rid of the clutter by just keeping the jerseys and grass squares and still incorporate all the blocks into one quilt. (All of the blue squares will be jerseys)

Version 2: The generic football quilt. I would just have blacks and whites with the football chalkboard fabric. The blue and gold would only come from the subtle colors in the whites although I could buy a blue to replace the solid black.

Version 3: Only show the blocks that have the true Chargers feel and turn them into a stand alone quilt. The biggest flaw in this one is that I do not have nearly enough of these blocks. Plus, even though fusing the applique on is quick, I have been doing a tight zig zag stitch all the way around each jersey number & field number so that it looks really cool taking lots of time. Plus I can't get more football fabric, so it may put the finish closer to a 2010 season instead of this year.

Do you like any of the layouts? Or should I start playing with them again?
Thanks for the help,


Marie Harper said...

I definitely pick version one. looks like you had a plan. Needs a little pick me up with a Charger gold somewhere, maybe the first border.

The other little bright quilt is adorable and will look nice in your space at work.

Love, Mom

Danielle said...

I like the one with your Charger colors, I think you won't love your version one if no one can tell who you are rooting for! I am a diehard Patriotss fan... oooh we're rivals ;-) But my son plays pop warner football, and they are the "Chargers", so we can still be blogging friends! LOL

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I like version two and using version three for the back!!