Monday, August 3, 2009

Well, I started back to the daily grind. it was so quiet at my office today I could hardly get any work done. I missed the kids' voices, but I also was tucked away in a corner, and rarely heard other adult voices. The only bright spot in my cubicle is the arrangement of flowers that my mom delivered to me this morning.

Thanks Mom, they really made my day.

A few of the people I knew from working at the company before came by to say hi, others I knew said hello in the hallway. But for the most part my transition to working woman went unnoticed. If it hadn't been for the I.T. guy, I would never have gotten a tour, my payroll handled and figured out how to use the voicemail system. My direct supervisors spent most of the day leaving me to my own devices. Thankfully, I am self motivated or I would have nothing to show for my 9 hours of work.

In short, I wish it was still last Monday when I took the girls to the San Diego Zoo for the day. Hopefully Alyssa first day at preschool will go better tomorrow!


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Lori Pierce said...

It will get easier! And, before long, you will be wishing for those quiet days when no one comes by your office....Right after the 10th person swings by for a "quick question" and you can get nothing done unless it's 9pm working from home. Yes, I speak from experience. Love the zoo pics--the polar bear is quite a shot!