Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's official

Today was my last day of work at Mission Hills Church. Yes, even churches feel the recession. With giving down, my position, as well as that of several other employees, needed to be sacrificed to meet the actual giving at the church. I am excited to be able to attend church with my husband again, and especially for the extra time it will give me to spend quilting. I suppose that the good news for having almost a 2 month notice of my layoff, is that I was able to find a new client to do graphic design work for. Hopefully, he will make up a portion of that income.

The other good news is that Quilts with Flair is back in business, mom and I have started designing 2 new quilts this weekend. A sweet little bunny with an umbrella and a darling birdhouse and cat. Applique of course. Did I ever think I would give up the details of paper piecing for applique? No not really. But I am having lots of fun, and isn't that why we have hobbies? Look for pictures of the quilts coming up soon!


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