Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring is in the Air

I love spring. I love the birds chirping, the flowers blooming again, finding "baby" grapes on the vines, and digging my hands into moist rich soil. Yesterday, Katelyn and I decided to weed the area around the birdbath in the yard. One thing led to another, and the entire area was cleared while we chatted happily about, school, the books she is reading, life.

After a job well done, I decided to take both girls to Home Depot to pick out a few flowers to plant in the area. Katelyn chose a 6 pack of violas in beautiful spring colors and Alyssa chose to get a 6 pack of cosmos at my suggestion. I picked 3 different types of bulbs--Summer daffodils, ranaculas, and a dahlia. I hope that the Dahlia grows, I have never had good luck with my bulbs because the gophers usually find them before they can bloom, but I am going to be optimistic.

This morning with Jason's help, we moved the rose bush, trimmed, divided and moved a lavender bush, and trimmed back several other plants . Then it was time to plant the girls' flowers and my bulbs. The yard feels so much more peaceful with all the weeds gone and the flowers planted.

After everyone else went inside for lunch, I stayed outside to save the lavender stems that we had to trim off before transplanting it. By the time I was done, I had developed a lovely sunburn and very stained fingers from the lavender oils on the stems, but I had these beautiful bouquets of blossoms. There are 13 bundles of them hanging upside down throughout the house to dry. I can barely walk into my craft room without being overwhelmed by the aroma of 5 of the bundles hanging in there. I love spring.

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