Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home again!

I just started trying to post on my blog when I stopped to take a drink of water from my glass. Well in the 2+ hours since I last took a sip, a spider moved in and started making a web. I didn't notice until it started crawling on my NOSE!! I am now sufficiently freaked out.

It is nice to be back home from vacation. Did I forget to mention that I was leaving? We spent a lovely week in Shaver Lake relaxing with family, fishing, boating, and roughing it in our tent. Actually, the weather was lovely, warm durning the day when we wanted to play on the water and cool in the evenings when we could snuggle into sleeping bags. Well, all except Alyssa. From the time she was little, she has never been able to tolerate blankets on her legs... So here are some picts taken in the middle of the night when I kept needing to get up to tuck her back in.

I admit, she looked okay, but it was chilly enough that I kept hearing her thrashing because she was cold. So I would cover her, and a couple of nights before I could even fall back asleep, I could hear her kicking her little feet out again.

Do you notice how in the second picture she is buried under her blanket to try and keep warm. Silly girl. By the end of the week, I just layered her in extra jammies and we both slept through the night.

Like any vacation, this one passed in a blur. There were not nearly enough hours in the day to have all the fun that we had planned. I packed oodles of games, and we only got to play a handful. My mom brought lots of cards that she designed for us to craft with and there wasn't enough time for that. My book didn't get finished until the drive home... But we spent lots of time on the lake shore. Although the water was cold the girls kept going in and swimming, and they loved going riding on the wave runner. The highlight of the trip was the 8 passenger boat cruise around the lake with all of us and Aspen, my brothers' dog. While we liked the coves and floating in the water with no one else around, Aspen was bored. However when we stopped at a deserted island and let her off the leash, Aspen became hyper. Extremely! All week, Katelyn was tolerant of her but a little scared with her on the leash. With this beige blur racing around her on the island, she became hysterical--tears, shakes, screaming.... I could barely get her to walk back to the boat she was so afraid that Aspen would take a short cut and come racing past her again.

Does that look like the face of a killer? I didn't think so either.

I am still itchy thinking a spider is crawling on me. I killed it and can't stop feeling it's little legs tickling my neck. EEWWWWW!

Finally, the laundry is all done; mountains and mountains of laundry. I have washed enough that I have now run out of space to put clean clothes in the girls drawers, so it is time to go through AJs drawers again and see what she has outgrown.

But I thought I deserved a little fun, so here is your trivia question of the day. I have started sewing something together. Any guesses what I am going to turn this into?

I know this last photo is blurry, but I really like the soft colors that show up on the back side when sewing the selvages together. I wish it would show in the finished project.



Lori Pierce said...

I'm tolerant of spiders, but that would get me going too! It's fun to read about our trip from another perspective.

Cheryl Arkison said...

Footie Pajamas!
What size are those and where can I get them? My Monster loves footie pajamas but she's outgrown the biggest size I've been able to find.