Monday, May 25, 2009

For those family members who feel my girls are being neglected, because I am spending too much time quilting, I thought I would show them off in all their little girl sweetness,

and sillyness,

and playfulness.
Yes, they are healthy and fun to be with again.

Okay, on to the ever important announcement: I did it!
I cut into my favorite piece of fabric for this puzzle quilt. I love the look of the way the fabric touches itself and makes this diamond with the turquoise swirls. Even the feathers are fun when fussy cut and put together. Only one major problem. When I finished sewing it together, my seam allowances must have been wrong because the block ended up 1/2" to big! Aargh!
So I left my sewing room in a fit of rage and didn't even go back for a final picture of the block. I am really not sure what to do. I can't redo it, because I had to cut 16 of each fussy cut triangle and I don't have that much fabric left. I hate to just discard it, and I really don't want to rip it all out to resew it back together. I would love any suggestions.

The rest of my sewing time this week has been spent in front of the computer writing instructions for the newest pattern packet. Not very exciting from a picture perspective, but I am so jazzed I can't wait to release this new pattern. Ideally it looks like it will be ready to distribute late next month.

Have a great day,


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Oh yes, those blocks are beautiful.

Lyn said...

Oh are so talented! I just finally logged in to read through blogs from while I was away...and you are just amazing! Love all the blocks you've done, they are beautiful!

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Wow! You've produced some ridiculously cute girls... congratulations!! :-)

Hmm... the block issue. I don't quilt, so this could be a ridiculous suggestion, but could you not just trim the edges of the whole block? :-)


Marie Harper said...

I say use the hottest of water and try to shrink it! What have you got to loose, just an inch!

Not sure a block could go on a diet.

Ama said...

You and the girls continue to amaze me! This is a great way for an Ama to keep up with you all. It looks like the girls like the dresses I sent :)

I finally took a few minutes at lunch to check in on your blog. You have been busy!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great to me! Use it the way it is! Grandpa Lee