Friday, May 1, 2009

May Flowers

Happy May Day!

It is time to dance around a may pole and rejoice that spring is officially here. Most of the garden has already been blooming, but a few areas are just now waking up. This first picture is of the apple blossoms on our Pink Lady tree. Then these beautiful white rose on a bush "JFK" named after the American president. And finally, since my photos are kinda monotone, here are huge bouquets of flowers from the local farmers market.

I am really looking forward to summer because I am hoping that I am going to win this adorable tote from It's a Wonderful.... How cute will I be down at the beach sunbathing in my size 4 (not) bikini, and sipping on marguaritas that I have cleverly hidden in the bag. Oh, I can just see myself. The reality check is that I never win ANYTHING. So here's to crossing my fingers and toes.


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Yaya and Papa said...

Hi Kami--great pictures of the flowers and your adorable little girls. Your mom told me about your blog so I am now a follower!