Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Works in Progress

I thought I would show you a picture of my design wall. I think that you learn so much about people by how they evolve, and this wall is no exception.

From the upper left, there are the 4 Bunny Hill BOMs the fifth was released this morning, so soon that one will make it onto the wall too. Below those are two little mini quilts that the girls made last November from scraps of fabric that had fusible web on the back. I still need to quilt them. Continuing down, are a series of three flowers that I saw at a quilt show, sketched a picture of and then had to figure out how they were made. Well I made them too big in my opinion so there they sit waiting for fancy setting triangles to make them look proportionally correct.

At the top of the center section is another little mini quilt (I have a 9 1/4" double-sided frame that I display them on). That one is waiting on just a hint more quilting and binding-max one hour of sewing left. The next two blocks are part of a Paula Nadelstern Puzzle Quilt. Unfortunately, I still only have those 2 of 12 blocks.

I took close-ups of the kalidescope blocks, they are also inspired by Paula Nadelstern. I love these, but haven't touched them in over 2 years. The symmetry and design process mesmerize me and I can't believe that I made them, but there they sit. I counted in the lower of the two blocks, and in one tiny wedge are over 40 pieces of fabric, multiply that by eight wedges, and I am not surprised that I never finished my desired 5 kalidescopes for the quilt top.

But all of that is going to change soon, I hope. My goal this month is to finish most of the things on my design wall plus a queen sized bed quilt that just needs borders put on it. Unfortunately, I also have numerous projects that are tucked away in bags, that haven't even made it onto the wall.

I hope that it will be a month of accomplishments. And to prove that I can finish something that I started, here is what I finished today. Or more appropriately today's refinishing project.
This is the top of the coffee table before. The finish was scratched, there were water rings all over it, and even a little few sharpie pen markings.

I took a picture of the front of the sideboard with one side of the panel refinished and the other side waiting to be done. The results were amazing on both projects, I tried to take a good All Done picture, but the flash kept bouncing off of the wood. I may have done a better job than I thought, it really shines now.

I am now off to finish something else,


Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

That kaleidoscope quilt is out of control! I can't believe a human made it. You are very, super, extremely talented! It's going to look amazing when it's done. Again, the patience of quilters just astounds me...

Here's to a month full of accomplishments! :-)

Sarah Boscia said...

Good Job on the staining Kami. I also love you design wall in your room. I always like to look at it and it gives a neat perspective on your quilting.
You are inspiring me to get in there and scrapbook.

Lori said...

All of your projects-in-progess are gorgeous. And, I'm very impressed with how you are keeping up with your blog.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Those puzzle piece quilt blocks are amazing!