Monday, April 6, 2009

Bunny Hill BOM

Yesterday, Anne at Bunny Hill Designs posted the April basket pattern. This afternoon I started auditioning fabrics. And then changing my mind and re-auditioning fabrics and then repeating it all over again. I have never been so ambiguous picking out fabrics, but the problem is that I fell in love with a basket fabric (blue in the picture below) and unfortunately, have to pick something other than a blue basket. This basket will sit right under the Jan basket which was blue with a snowman in it, and I really didn't want another blue basket right below. I think that this might require a trip to the fabric store. Shucks, did I just say that I have to go shopping?

These are my kinda/sorta fabrics that I have chosen for the block. I love the little chick fabric, and the "chocolate" for the bunny, but I am not sure about the green for the basket. My mom donated it to my search today. It is good, but is it the best? And I couldn't let go of the blue--will it work for an egg? Let me know what you think.

On a happy note, I only have 5 petals left to applique on my Christmas quilt. I am so excited to see it finished and to send it on to the quilter later this month. I will upload the final picture in the next couple of days when it is done.

Have a happy week to all of you, my MIL arrives tomorrow for a week and I am looking forward to lots of fun the next few days and less time on the computer.


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