Monday, April 20, 2009

The Newest Quilt

As I was reorganizing my fabric stash, this weekend, this collection of red floral fabric grabbed my attention. It called to me as I cut off the selvage to add to my collection. It kept calling as Ifolded it up again to repack. I unpacked them, stewed for a little while. Did I really want to sew? I was having fun cleaning up my stash, and searching for selvages. So I set them aside.

But they kept reappearing in my mind, so I finally cut out some squares.I added some greens and this charming black and red fabric. Yes those are lips!

And 4 hours later, I had organized piles of cut fabric and sewn pieces. But before it could put the first block together it was suddenly time for those little squares I mentioned in my last post.

384- 1 1/8" squares. Sewn to those are 248 quarter square triangles. And when chain stitched together I had 17 feet of what I always think of as "prayer flags". But it was to hot to press them open.

Inside the house it was 86° yesterday. Today was a little better, I turned on the AC when it got to be 81° in the house, outside it was 99° and although I ironed, it was too hot to do much else, so look forward more pictures when the weather cools down. It is supposed to be back in the 60°s by Saturday.



Little Miss Pepperberry said...

Ooh, that'll be a lovely, rich quilt. I love shades of red!

Marj said...

I like the red, black, & green. Will be watching to see what you do with them. Hope that you get some more normal temps soon.