Thursday, April 9, 2009

I can't believe it is done!

I first saw this pattern on Mother's Day weekend in 2005. My step dad watched my mom and I drooling over this amazing quilt displayed behind the counter and bought the 10 BOM pattern packets and the cutest little button kit of ornaments for the tree. My mom and I slowly worked together making 2 of every block, one for her quilt and one for mine. Once the borders where ready to be put on, we each worked independantly. I taught myself the method of freezer paper applique, I stitched everywhere--dance class for my eldest, gymnastics class for the youngest, waiting to pick up my daughter from school, and of course at home watching TV. But I wasn't very disciplined and the quilt hardly made any progress to finishing.

Then disaster struck and my mom's quilt was shredded. I still don't know if we will ever be able to save it. Suffice to say i started feeling bad every time I worked on mine knowing that hers might never be. And I stopped working again. Then last fall I got commited to finishing this quilt. I realized that I liked applique. I liked having me time in the midst of spending time with my 2 beautiful girls, to create something. But, once again my good intentions to finish the quilt by christmas were thwarted by my disire to create a special quilt for my mom for her birthday.

In honor of a the trip of a lifetime to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, I took a class to design photo quilts and spent hours and hours outside on the patio table making applique templates for the poppies on the bottom of a quilt of Lake Louise. then came the stitching and my fingers got callused, I worked round the clock to get this done in time for her birthday and once again my christmas quilt got left in the craft room. but when she finally saw the finished result it was worth it.
But my calloused fingers needed a break, and I wasn't up to doing the quilt before Christmas. So now it is April and less than a week away from Easter and I am finally done with getting ready for Chistmas. So this Easter I wish you the holly jolliest, ho ho hos of holiday cheer.


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Mike said...

Kami--these are beautiful quilts. And, I'm impressed that you've started a blog. It's something I've wanted to do and have never made the time! Lori