Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Shopping Trip

Today while Ama was here we chose to run errands, it may not sound like fun but we brought our camera for the highlight of the trip. And a few witnesses, Jason, his mom and my mom were all at the mall to see what they would come home with

The girls are picking out what they want to buy. Oh, so many choices, pink flowers, diamonds, silver balls...

Alyssa is ready to get her purchase.

Did I mention that they get to wear them home?

Yes, you guessed it the girls got their ears pierced today. Alyssa looked a little panic stricken at the end, but she didn't back out, and surprisingly she didn't cry either. Although later she kept telling me "I'm never getting my ears pierced again." Good once is enough.

Can you see Alyssa's sparkly diamonds? She looks so grown up.

Now it is Katelyn's turn she went second, mostly because Alyssa never gets to go first and really wanted to, but also so that she wouldn't be able to change her mind at the last minute.

The last look at Katelyn's ears before the piercing.

Yikes what is going through that little mind. She jumped about 3" into the air when she got pierced. A much stronger response than Alyssa, although she didn't cry either.

Katelyn always the fashion plate showing off her new look.

Yeah we did it! Both girls seem just fine now and as the mom who has to remember to clean these ears, I am really glad that they both did it at the same time. When the ear cleaning is done in 6 months it is done.


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Lyn said...

Oh Kami....I love this...the pictures are even more entertaining with having heard the story last night! Love it!