Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flowers Everywhere

I have been lurking around the "bakeshop" from moda fabrics, looking at their cute patterns that they have posted on their site. Today I printed one out, and when my mom came over this afternoon instead of the business meeting we were going to have about our new pattern packets, we sewed these cute little door hangers.

To embellish it, the center of the yoyo is a button surrounded by clear seed beads and I found this adorable leaf button in my stash that I have been saving for years. It looks perfectly at home here.

And to continue to inspire you, here are a few pictures of the flower fields in Carlsbad. The ranunculas were in bloom and the colors beautiful. The girls had a great time wandering around the paths and seeing everything. It was even better because they were leading the way! I didn't have to drag them anywhere. They were given "passports" at the entrance, and were constantly on the look out for the flags that denoted a spot for a stamp.

We ended our visit there with a chance to pan for precious stones. It was really a process called sluicing, and involved a bucket of sand with a few pretty stones but the girls loved it. Katelyn was so proud to have found a crystal in her box. Of course she has already lost it, but it was her most prized possession for a few hours.


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